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Film Summercamp

We invite children from 8 to 16 years old to join our Film Summercamp! A beautiful playground and a classroom in nature in the area of Aljezur will be our filmmaking and photography learning space. In small groups children work on their own short film, documentary or stop motion animation.


From concept to shoot and from edit to presentation, we will have close attention to all elements of classic and contemporary filmmaking.


We encourage children to think visually and inspire them to tell stories with original audio visual tools. This will be the summer to explore visual skills! There will be guidance by a professional filmmaker and photographer.  At the end of the week they present their artwork during the Grande Premiere Party.

Sound composing (with instruments)
Sound designing

Date: Tuesday, July 16th – Friday, July 19th, 2024.
Time: 10H00 – 16H00

Location: Aljezur

After an amazing winter season full of diverse short films, we decided to come back in spring with another course for teenagers and another course for children.


-Short Film – for teenagers – 8-week course

In small groups we will make films together. This could be resulted in a fiction film, documentary film or cross-over film. We will focus on Camera Techniques, Acting, Storytelling, Script writing, Editing, Sound composing and Sound design. With or without photography or filmmaking experience, all teenagers are welcome!


-Film Club – for children – 5-week course
In small groups children learn about film, photography and visual design. They create their own story for a short film, they design a concept, they film and they edit it all into a completely finished product. This could be resulted in a fiction film, documentary film or animation. Children with or without filmmaking experience can join.


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Film Summercamp - 8-16 years old

Short Film - course for teenagers

Our Courses & Workshops

Film Summercamp - explore your visual skills

Children and teenagers will work on a short film, documentary or stop motion animation and photography. At the end of the week they present their artwork during the Grande Premiere Party.

Short Film - improve your audiovisual skills

You will learn everything about Camera Techniques, Acting, Scriptwriting, Editing and much more audiovisual skills. You will finish the course with a short film.

"The magic of film is to create an immersive experience in which you will leave your audience in awe, curiosity, a new state of being."

Jaimey Groot – Filmmaker, Teacher & Educational Innovator

About Move Me

Move Me

We need to be moved in order to thrive. We need different perspectives to create a better world. This is where Move Me stands for. We are here to bring new perspectives, new visions to make the world a better place. From weekly film courses to one day workshops, it’s all about exploring and expressing our inner landscapes. With expressing, we can create emotional movement. If we are moved, we can choose to change. If want to change conventions, we need to create engaging art.

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