Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to help young ones and adults getting back to their creative and audiovisual powers. It’s important for our well-being that we all reclaim this creative force, connect back to our childlike way of thinking visually, express ourselves, and that we give ourselves the chance to learn about different instruments, like film.   

Transparant Black Move Me

Filmmaker, Teacher, Educational Innovator and Founder of Move Me Film Education: Jaimey Groot

My name is Jaimey Groot. I am a filmmaker and an educational innovator. I made a documentary about failing education system that made a huge impact in the Dutch society. (Pin me er niet op vast/Look before I leap – 2018) From a very young age it was clear to me that visual thinking and creativity is our force and that we as kids learnt to push this force away instead of embracing it. Now as a filmmaker I see it as my duty to help others getting back to their creative and audiovisual powers. Film is my instrument and I would love to help you explore your passion for film. Film is a transmitter of emotion. It can change perspectives, it can create waves, powerful movements.


"Move Me is here to change conventions. We strive to challenge the existing truths and we are here to create new perspectives through the lens of creativity."