Artistic Dream Day

Artistic Dream Day

On Saturday, March 23 the Artistic Dream Day is happening at Rancho do Rogil. This day will be dedicated to the dreams and vocation of our teenagers. Living according to your artistic expression and creativity is what we are focusing on. In small groups we will invite exploration and empowerment. We offer a diverse program with art practices and growth workshops, together and individually.

This day is all about concretizing the life we would like to live and we will take real steps towards creating our dream reality. We invite teenagers who are seeking support in considering a next step, teenagers who totally don’t know which direction to take and teenagers who have just started following their dream. It is amazing if you already have an interest in arts, such as photography, writing, designing, drawing, painting, filmmaking, acting, singing, dancing, playing music, songwriting, poetry, but it is not necessary.

This one-day workshop will be hosted by Jaimey (film maker and media teacher) and Eline (drama teacher and retreat facilitator). If you would like to register or if you want to have more information, click on the button below.

Date & Time: Saturday, March 23, 2024, 10H00 – 16H00
Location: Rancho do Rogil, Rogil, Portugal
Exchange: € 38,00, including all materials and vegan, glutenfree lunch


About the origins of this workshop

The Artistic Dream Day is an initiative of Jaimey Groot and Eline van Campen. Jaimey is a documentary film maker and media teacher. Eline is a drama teacher and retreat facilitator. Jaimey and Eline met during an creative entrepreneurship course. In the last meeting they connected to collaborate. Jaimey had been looking for a drama teacher for her film workshops. Among the youth of the South of Portugal, she notices a high demand for art, photography, film and acting lessons. Together with Eline, Jaimey wants to support teenagers to find their dream and follow their artistic path. 


Jaimey had traveled a long way to find her own vocation.

During her high school years she felt a big pressure to perform within the school system and her dreams moved to the background. She finally ended up at the University of Arts, Utrecht and graduated with a film documentary about the failing educational system that made a huge impact among parents and teachers in The Netherlands. (Pin me er niet op vast/Look before I leap – 2018). From a very young age it was clear to her that visual thinking and creativity is our force. As children, in the school system, we are taught to push this force away instead of embracing it. Looking back at her own teenager years, it would have been helpful to follow a program or coaching path that helped her to get in contact with her inner child and from there to concretize her dream and find her vocation. Living according to your personal vocation, for her, is doing that little thing which almost takes no energy and effort. The thing you did as a child that made you forget time, space and the self for a while. The thing you are already doing naturally, effortlessly. In this ‘state of flow’ , she believes, you can be the best version of yourself. What you thought was meaningless becomes meaningful if you see the value of it for happiness, health and creating a better world.