Film Club - for children

Film Club

We are back for the third time with our 5-week course! In small groups children learn about film, photography and visual design. We will guide and inspire them in creating their own story for a short film, they design a concept, they film and they edit it all into a completely finished product. This could be resulted in a fiction film, documentary film or animation.

Do you like to think visually, tell stories all the time and want to connect with like-minded children to create a film together? This will be a beautiful chance to explore your skills. We invite children from 8-12 years old to go on an artistic adventure with us. Children with or without filmmaking experience can join.

Date*: 5 times on Tuesdays between April 9 – May 21, 2024
Time: 16H30 – 18H00
Location: Moagem Celeiro Cultural, Aljezur
Price: € 75,- (€ 15,- per lesson)

*-Tuesday, April 9
–Tuesday, April 23
–Tuesday, May 7
–Tuesday, May 14
–Tuesday, May 21

Results of the previous courses

We presented the 5 short films of our last courses during a Grande Premiere. Together with 17 children we worked on these 5 short films:


Title: Trapped
Cast & Crew: Saar, Delia, Tiger, Naomi, Ayla, Ziggy, Padme, Olivia, Maya
Synopsis: Abby, Kate and their siblings Jacob and Charlie are about to camp in the woods. An earthquake suddenly appears and Jacob and Charlie are nowhere to find. Are Abby and Kate manage to reunite with their siblings?


Title: Pet Stories
Cast & Crew: Gigi, Alice, Nova, Sadie, Aria
Synopsis: Mosaïc of peculiar characters that happen to own a pet. They will tell you (or not) everything about their pets.


Title: The Pen of Doom
Cast & Crew: Nova, Sadie, Aria
Synopsis: Aria and Sadie find a wicked figure knocking at her door in the early morning. She got an object with her with a special force, it can teleport you to another realm. 

Title: The Chase
Cast & Crew: Mael, Elliott, Valentin
Synopsis: King Julian is being chased by Jackson the Cat. They are heading to a bridge, but then suddenly they are turning tables.

Title: Party Gone Wrong
Cast & Crew: Alice, Sadie, Gigi, Nova, Aria
Synopsis: Two girls are being locked up at a party venue. They turn the situation in a funny sleepover.

During one of our courses, 5 girls worked on a cross-over film (a combination between documentary and fiction) This is their poster of the short film ‘Free’.


Free is about the feeling that we need to rattle the bars of our cage sometimes. It’s a poetic film that takes you along a trip to a mental state of freedom.

Jez, Gigi, Lola
Producer: Jez
Directors: Jez, Gigi, Lola, Petra, Naomi
Camera: Jez, Gigi, Lola, Naomi
Sound: Jez, Gigi, Lola, Naomi
Sound design: Jez, Naomi
Edit: Jez, Gigi, Lola
Supervisor: Jaimey

Do you want to watch the short films? Please get in contact with the button below!