Lessons Photography (currently only in Dutch)

Soon there will be English captions and from October 2023 there will be new English lessons.


Watch every video to learn about the basics of photography and visual design. Make the practice after each video to connect the theory with your motion memory ! Please send the result of the practice to: movemefilmeducation@gmail.com if you want feedback and tips.

Framing – PRACTICE

Take 1 photo in which you place your subject in a natural frame.



Camera angle – PRACTICE


Take 1 photo in your garden in which you use ‘worm perspective’.

Composition – PRACTICE


Take 2 photos. Photo 1: Put someone’s eye on a crosspoint of the rule of thirds grid. Photo 2: Put a toy on a crosspoint of the rule of thirds grid.

Light & Shadow – PRACTICE


Take 3 portrait photos of a person or an animal. Photo 1: Use soft, diffused light. Photo 2: Use hard, direct light. Photo 3: Photograph a silhouette of a person or an animal, against the light.


Take 3 photos. Photo 1: Take a photo in which you put a red subject on a green background. Photo 2: Take a photo that is approximately 90% blue. Photo 3: Take a photo of a subject or landscape that has only two colors/tones.